Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pilish or not to Pilish

I saw that March 14 was Pi day and discovered Pilish, a language using the numbering of Pi for the length of the words. I was on twitter so I attempted to tweet something using the structure of Pilish and came up with the following within the limitations of one tweet:
Pilish Tweet
For a poet,
a nerdy wordsmith,
an absurd quark for urban gravitas;
overweary cambric fussiness
for an illusory poem
forged in fipple.
I had to forgo the punctuation and title but provided a hashtag, #pilish. This language structure may or may not keep my interest. Lately I have been paring down my verse but this may be a good exercise for the brain. A method to stir up the rich sounds of word interplay, though such a restraint may exhaust one fairly quickly. However, someone persevered and wrote a book using Pilish: Not a Wake.

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