Sunday, April 01, 2007

Swans in Spring

Spring truly arrives here only when the swans appear. After wintering over in their special swan house, they make their way down to the river with great pomp and circumstance in the wake of the Perth County Pipe Band. The swans are accompanied by two Canada Geese, two Chinese Geese and other assorted geese and they are followed by their keepers and the dignitaries. This year was special since Robert J. Miller, the swan keeper of many years has passed away and his family was representing his memory. The crowds of loyal swanophiles -us included- gathered to be a part of this traditional parade. You can watch a video of a past swan parade at this link. It is just one of many events that makes this city very special. Now the nesting season begins, and soon enough we shall be counting cygnets and ducklings.

The photograph above is from a previous year and you can just make out Mr. Miller in the white hat behind the swans.

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