Thursday, August 10, 2006

Another day

Another day, another dollar. Literally. Such a day clears away illusions like a broom to cobwebs.

The ups and downs of business should help burnish the resilience of character. At least one hopes. However, I have known some old second-hand booksellers whose resilience of character may have been burnished to excess. Perhaps to the point of eccentricity. Such ups and downs are a challenge, but ones that should develop character. Or is it eccentric characters that they develop?

In leaving the stage of a bricks and mortar bookshop and shifting to the virtual privacy of selling books on-line, we may reduce the patina which seems to develop when exposed to many years of the second-hand book trade, but we will miss the people. That is the greatest enjoyment. Meeting interesting people and learning their stories in casual conversations. Though we will miss the direct human contact, the on-line relationships will be another facet to experience and we look forward to that challenge.
And so life goes on.

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